Cardboard keeps wire on a roll

On a wire-cutting machine, I had to pull out a 1-m to 2-m length of wire after every cycle to thread it through the next hole. The machine has a brake for adjusting the wire roll tension, but no matter how much I adjusted the tension, wire continually came off the roll and swung to the left when I pulled it at a slightly faster speed. The wire twisted, then needed to be straightened and pulled slowly. This problem was more prevalent with new rolls of wire. The solution was a piece of cardboard.

I cut a 300-mm-diameter circle from a 6-mmthick piece of corrugated cardboard. I then made a hole in the round piece of cardboard equal in size to the wire roll’s rim diameter and pressed it on the roll. This prevents the wire from coming off the roll, and I could pull the wire much faster.

A. Nagabhushana
Bangalore, India

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