Finish-Grinding Thread Geometry

Robot loading view.
A view of the robot loading a steering worm.
Grinding a steering worm.
Grinding a steering worm.
Ohio-based Drake Manufacturing Services Co. recently shipped a GS:TE-LM 200 Steering Worm Grinder to an unnamed European manufacturer of automotive parts. The machine builder explained it is intended to be used for finish-grinding the thread geometry on a steering worm shaft. It is equipped with Drake’s Smart Spindle technology — which is designed with an acoustic emissions sensor mounted in the high-speed spindle.

The acoustic emissions sensor detects the sound of the wheel touching the part to within less than one micron. In effect, the wheel becomes a probe for the part automatically equalizing stock on both sides of a thread groove. The result is a significant improvement in setup, quality, and productivity, according to Drake.


The GS:TE-LM 200 is also equipped with a Part Load Verification System. The robot picks a part from the pallet and places it in a measuring fixture in the machine. Measurement sensors detect a particular feature on the part and determine if it is correctly oriented. Once verified, the part is placed in the collet, and grinding begins. Drake Manufacturing Services Co. is recognized globally as a market leader for designing, building and servicing state-of-the-art precision CNC thread, worm and profile gear grinders as well as rack and thread milling machines.

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