IMTS 2012: Heidenhain’s Multi-Operation Motion Control

Heidenhain’s precision measurement components and systems are incorporated to its "Accuracy: The Inside Story" campaign.

Promising to offer visitors an insider’s view of significant motion-control developments — "Accuracy: The Inside Story" — Heidenhain will be demonstrating its new touch probe products, and introducing TNC 640 control package to the North American market.

TNC 640 is Heidenhain’s first milling control with optional turning functionality, so it’s able to perform multi-operation machining. As with other TNC controls, the user needs only to enter plain-language programming steps for a turning operation, just as for milling operations. Also new with the TNC 640 is an optimized user interface, which gives greater transparency during programming, presents functions better, and displays status information more clearly. The TNC 640 also introduces a new stainless steel control design and a specially prepared keyboard surface and screen frame to eliminate fingerprints.

Also to be introduced at ITMS are Heidenhain's new TS 460 and TT 460 — touch probes that allow users to transmit the trigger signal either over infrared or radio waves-without having to change the touch probe. This provides the benefits of a very wide transmission range (radio) and fast signal transmission (infrared).

Heidenhain will introduce other new motion control products from its varying lines, and demonstrate its other more established products, too.

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