Georg Updates Turbine Rotor Lathe for Siemens

A Georg GTD 2000/10000/120 turbine rotor lathe, at Siemens Mülheim.
A design for a new Georg machine with integrated drilling and milling unit, at Siemens Görlitz.

Currently, designers at the Georg machine tools division are completing an upgrade for Siemens manufacturing center in Görlitz, Germany. A turbine rotor lathe first installed in 1963 has been updated, including a new headstock and new machining unit with integrated drilling and milling systems.

The modernization will provide an increase of the machine’s center height by 200 mm. Thus, the maximum turning diameter has been increased to 3,200 mm. Further, the new machining unit makes it possible to conduct complete machining processes on a single machine, e.g., the milling of “fir tree grooves” and application of flange drills. With higher performance and torque the new headstock ensures increased manufacturing capacity and an economically more efficient production process.

In cooperating with their customers, Georg emphasizes trustful and long-term relationships. “Since 1975, we have ensured optimal manufacturing success for Siemens. To date, we have developed more than 30 machines worldwide in use at Siemens,” explained Reinhard Helmer, managing director of Georg machine tools division.

Just last year, the mid-sized machine tool manufacturer commissioned a 120-mt turbine rotor lathe for Siemens Energy in Mülheim, Germany. At the end of 2011, more orders were placed for a large lathe for machining generator rotors, for Siemens in Erfurt, Germany. Also, a mobile lathe for ‘blading’ gas turbines was ordered by Siemens Energy Inc., in Charlotte, N.C.

“We focus on an open dialogue with our customers, especially in development. After all, we want to create lasting values that sustain the success for our customers,“ Helmer emphasized. “There are always new, very specific challenges in special machine tools as well as lathes, drilling-, milling- and grinding machines. Our long-standing know-how and our creativity are needed here.“

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