Inspection In a Flash, Without Interruption

The portable SKF TKRS 10 stroboscope facilitates easy inspection of rotating or reciprocating machinery in a “flash,” according to the developer, without stopping the machinery or otherwise interrupting operation. The device makes it possible for the motion of machinery to appear “frozen” at the position required for visual inspection. Ultimately, it can assist operators and maintenance crews to prepare for necessary maintenance in advance of planned equipment shutdown. It delivers an optimal solution for inspecting and monitoring the condition of fans, gears, rolls, and pulleys.

The stroboscope has a phase-shift feature so operators can advance or retard flash timing, without changing the flash rate. Machine motion can be arrested at the same position required for inspection.

The stroboscope’s phase-shift feature offers operators the ability to advance or retard flash timing without changing the flash rate, which means that the motion can be “frozen” at the exact position required for inspection.


A bright flash rate up to 12,500 flashes per minute (FPM) ideally illuminates an application at a distance to cover a wide viewing area and suit a wide range of applications.

Among other features, the device’s flash rate can be adjusted easily and quickly using the variable dial rate and the required flash speed can be reached within seconds. The stroboscope benefits from a compact design for handheld operation and integrates an easy-to-read and user-friendly LCD display.

The stroboscope uses a rechargeable battery with long running time per charge (up to 2.5 hours), and it includes a universal AC adaptor for use worldwide.

The device is supplied in a carrying case for protection and portability. A mounting thread on the underside allows mounting on a tripod for stability and added ease of use.

Now, SKF also offers the advanced TKRS 20, which includes all the features of the TKRS 10 plus higher flash rate capabilities (300,000 FPM) and extended battery run time (12 hours).

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