IMTS 2012: Cost-Effective Alternative to Carbide Bandsaw Blades

Recession or recovery, it’s always sensible for manufacturers to watch their expenses. Recognizing the economic challenges as well as technical ones faced by industrial metal processors, cutting tool manufacturer Simonds International has developed an effective bi-metal blade geometry that improves traditional bi-metal blades’ performance on tough metal applications. Simonds’ SineWave® technology cuts tough work-hardening material 30-40% faster, significantly reducing cost per cut, maximizing cutting performance, and providing a better finish.

Sine Wave is a bi-metal blade geometry that’s said to improve cutting performance on tough metals like tool steels, stainless steels, and many aerospace alloys.

SineWave technology uses a unique rocking motion that forces each blade tooth to penetrate the work. The blades grow in width, creating a self-feeding action that delivers faster cut times, a range of environmentally friendly benefits and improved productivity. The blade significantly reduces cut times on tough applications, including tool steel and stainless grades as well as many aerospace alloys. It offers a 20% or more cost advantage over carbide blades, and it’s typically effective on 80% of materials carbide blades cut.

“U.S. manufacturers are strained for capacity right now. Many bi-metal users are on the cusp of upgrading to carbide blades, adding shifts, or buying new machines. SineWave is an extremely effective solution for avoiding capital investments or increased labor cost,” according to David Miles, vice president of sales and marketing, Simonds International. “If you are currently using carbide to increase your productivity, you may be able to cost-effectively use the ramp technology in a Simonds bi-metal SineWave to obtain the same or superior performance at a lower price. SineWave is for anyone who wants to get more cutting done with less of a premium.”

SineWave’s proprietary design offers several advantages that greatly reduce the risk of costly cutting errors like crooked cuts, pinching, cut finish, and machine repair. SineWave also increases cut speed and lengthens blade life versus traditional bandsawing, leading to substantial savings on machine and labor costs. Additional benefits include: reduced material waste; decreased energy consumption; improved surface finish and cut accuracy, reducing the need for face refinishing; cut chips that can be immediately recycled without mixing of abrasive particles; and reduced heat production in the cut process, thus decreasing fluid usage.

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