[IMTS Preview] Mastercam to Preview to New Milling Techniques, and More

[IMTS Preview] Mastercam to Preview to New Milling Techniques, and More

New Milling Techniques


Mastercam’s dynamic milling constantly adjusts the tool path to ensure an efficient cut and allows use of the entire tool flute length, often eliminating the need for multiple depth cuts. New dynamic milling techniques include Dynamic Rest Mill and Dynamic Contour. Dynamic Rest Mill behaves in a manner similar to the current tool path; only it uses dynamic milling motion instead of core mill or area mill motion for the rest operations. Dynamic Contour uses a high speed contouring strategy to remove material along walls. It supports multi-passes and can optionally include finishing passes.

Multi-axis Machining
Mastercam’s multi-axis suite has new machining techniques and a new workflow-oriented interface. Mastercam lets you choose the basic type of work you’re doing using clear illustrations, and then gives you a clear, step-by-step process for defining how you’ll cut the part. Mastercam’s multi-axis machining also includes a new highly specialized interface for smooth, gouge-free engine head porting.


Mastercam’s new 3D surface high speed OptiRough tool path is a new technique designed to remove large amounts of material quickly using its successful dynamic milling motion. Large, aggressive cuts are followed by faster, smaller up-cuts, safely delivering a fully roughed part faster than ever.

Smart Hybrid Finishing

Hybrid finishing intelligently blends two efficient cutting techniques in a single tool path. This new tool path evaluates the model shape and smoothly switches between Constant Z cutting and Constant Scallop machining.

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