High-throughput micromachining laser

Coherent, Inc. says their new Prisma 1064-32-V industrial laser delivers an optimum mix of high peak power, short pulsewidth, high average power and exquisite beam quality, which is an ideal combination for high-throughput, precision micromachining.
The Prisma 1064-32-V is a diode-pumped, solid-state, Nd:YVO4 laser that produces 30 W at 1064 nm in a TEM00 beam, with a pulsewidth as short as 18 ns, and pulse repetition rates from 20 to 100 kHz.
According to Coherent, this laser can be readily tailored to precisely match its output characteristics to the needs of a specific application. In addition, Prisma 1064-32-V is also available with a number of useful accessory options, such as a beam expander, visible aiming beam and mounting flange for scanner optics. For applications that benefit from longer pulses, the Prisma LP versions are offered.

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