Smaller Diameters for Shoulder Milling Cutters

Smaller Diameters for Shoulder Milling Cutters

Seco expands Square 6 product line with diameters from 0.75 to 2.5 inches

Seco’s Square 6 -04
Seco’s Square 6 -04 uses trigonal inserts with six indexable cutting edges that provide high productivity and lower the cost per edge.

Seco Tools has developed and introduced a series of smaller-diameter tools for its Square 6 line of shoulder milling cutters. The new designs were demonstrated recently at Mazak Corp.’s “T3 – Tomorrow’s Technology Today” event, and Seco technicians there indicated that the expanded product line allow a greater range of applications for these cutters, with cost and performance advantages.

Seco develops metalcutting products for milling, turning, and holemaking, as well as toolholding devices.

Like the larger Square 6 designs, the new Square 6 -04 is effective for milling a wide range of materials, in different machining operations and machining conditions, but from cutting diameters that range from 0.75 to 2.5 in., with a maximum cutting depth of 0.157 in. Square 6 -04 is described as “a reliable, cost-effective, first-choice solution for all general machining requirements, including square shoulder milling, face milling, slotting, plunging and slotting by plunging.”

The Square 6 -04 employs trigonal inserts with six indexable cutting edges that provide high productivity and lower the cost per edge. Also, the ME08 geometry is available in two different corner radii and a wide range of industry-leading carbide grades. The inserts offer high accuracy, exacting tolerances, reduced noise and maximum reliability in a variety of workpiece materials.

Furthermore, the Square 6 -04 inserts can be set to a true 90° cutting angle to create 90° walls and eliminate secondary operations. Inserts lock into place thanks to a strong center screw placed in the same direction as cutting forces, and wiper flats optimize surface finishes.

Seco indicated that the Square 6 -04 is particularly well suited to small and medium-sized milling machines, with a nickel-coated, pre-hardened cutter body that maximizes the life of the cutter body and provides minimal insert runout. It has two different pitch configurations on the cutter body, so it will reduce vibrations, improve surface finish, and increase the finished quality of component. For versatility, it is offered in Cylindrical, Weldon, Arbor and Combimaster mounting configurations.

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