The ClydeUnion Pumps business has been manufacturing pumps since 1886 Itrsquos headquartered in Glasgow Scotland and has operations in the US Canada and France as well as the UK

The ClydeUnion Pumps business has been manufacturing pumps since 1886. It’s headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, and has operations in the U.S., Canada, and France, as well as the U.K.

SPX Contracted for New North Sea Pumps

ClydeUnion high-pressure pumps “…elevate our competitive presence…”

SPX Corporation’s Flow Technology business will supply industrial pumps under the ClydeUnion brand to two offshore oil platforms, according to recent contracts that the company estimated at approximately $40 million. SPX’s various engineered products are used in food processing, power transformers, and power plants, and its ClydeUnion pumps are in use by refineries, gas plants, offshore oil platforms, and pipelines around the world.

SPX did not indicate the buyers for the new pumps, nor the installation sites.

The first contract calls for six ClydeUnion pumps, including two large, high-pressure water injection pumps; two water-injection booster pumps; and two diluent pumps.

For the second contract, three ClydeUnion pumps will be supplied, including a single high-pressure water-injection pump and two oil-transfer pumps. 

"These are significant wins for SPX and will serve to further elevate our competitive presence in the global oil and gas industry," stated ClydeUnion president Tony Renzi.

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