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Rhinestahl to handle tooling for GE Aviation

GE Aviation has forged an agreement, naming Rhinestahl Corp. its preferred OEM provider for turbine engine and airframe tooling.

“GE’s customers will continue working with the same customer account managers and support staff that they have been accustomed to working with at GE CTS, only now they will be employees of Rhinestahl,” said Dieter Moeller, CEO of Rhinestahl, in a press release.

Rhinestahl said it has similar tooling licenses with aircraft engine makers Pratt Whitney, Rolls-Royce and the Boeing Co. The company manufactures specialized tools for those companies and also makes other aircraft-related products, like inspection and testing equipment, lifting fixtures and engine-handling devices. The company has sales offices throughout the United States.

The agreement is expected to be finalized around the end of May. Fourteen GE employees and the warehouse operations in Vineland, N.J. will transition to a new location in Cincinnati.

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