Embraer Eugênio de Melo

Embraer Expanding Research Complex

Aug. 30, 2019
Eugênio de Melo will incorporate manufacturing, product development, engineering, testing, and more

Brazilian aircraft builder Embraer initiated a $30-million capital investment program to expand its Eugênio de Melo complex in São José dos Campos. Presently the site is an engineering and technology research center with 1,500 workers, but following the expansion it will be the location of 4,000 workers, in manufacturing, product development, engineering, structural and system testing, and training, as well as administrative activities.

The improvements are expected to be completed during Q4 2019.

Embraer was established 50 years ago, and its commercial aircraft division is due to become a part of a joint venture with The Boeing Co., at the end of this year. The venture will continue to be centered in Brazil.

Embraer continues to develop and manufacturer private and military aircraft.

“The future of the Brazilian aviation industry will be the result of what we dream and build together,” stated Francisco Gomes Neto, Embraer president and CEO. “By announcing the expansion of the Eugênio de Melo unit, in São José dos Campos, we reinforce our commitment to our people and the local community, which are both part of our strategic vision of continuous and sustainable growth.”

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