Envoy Air E-Jet 175

Embraer Delivers 1,400th E-Jet to American

Dec. 6, 2017
Brazilian jet-builder reaches milestone with new E175, to be operated by Envoy Air

Brazilian jet-builder Embraer delivered a new E175 aircraft to American Airlines as part of a large-volume order, and the 1,400th of E-Jet narrow-body aircraft that Embraer introduced less than 20 years ago. The new jet will be operated by Envoy Air, a Dallas-based wholly owned subsidiary of American formerly known as American Eagle Airlines, that serves 170 destinations in North America and the Caribbean.

The E175 is one of four variants of Embraer’s E-Jets aircraft, narrow-body, twin-engine jets for regular commercial routes and for regional service. The E-Jet series was announced in 1999 and deliveries began in 2004. The E175 seats 78 to 88 passengers, while the larger E190 and E195 jets seat 100 to 124 passengers

In 2011 Embraer the E-Jet E2 family, an updated design with the Pratt & Whitney PW1000G geared turbofan engines. The E2 also includes a new wing design and improved avionics, as well as larger variants for 120 to 146 passengers. The E-Jet E2 jets will enter service in 2018.

“The E-Jet program, one of the most successful aircraft programs in history, has been instrumental in shaping the 70 to 130-seat market we see today,” explained John Slattery, president and CEO for Embraer Commercial Aviation.

American Airlines is one of Embraer’s most frequent customers for the E-Jets, and Envoy is one of the original operators.  Currently, American has more than 100 E-Jets in service (44 in service for Envoy), and has ordered 74 more E175s under contract, to be delivered in 2018 and 2019.

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