The E175 is an 80-seat aircraft with a range of 2,244 miles, and powered by two GE Aviation CF34-8E engines.

American Airlines Contracts Embraer for Ten Regional Jets

Oct. 31, 2017
$457-million order for E175 aircraft, with deliveries starting in 2018

American Airlines placed a firm order reportedly worth $457 million with Brazilian jet-builder Embraer for 10 of its E175 aircraft. According to an Embraer statement, American Airlines is exercising purchase rights from its original contract, signed in 2013., and the new order follows an order placed in April for four aircraft.

Deliveries of the 10 jets will begin in 2018 and continue through mid-2019.

The E175 is one of four variants of the Embraer E-Jet aircraft, narrow-body, twin-engine jets for regular commercial routes and for regional service.

Embraer’s E-Jet family is a series of narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet airliners, carrying 80 to 124 passengers commercially.

American Airlines’ Envoy Air subsidiary will operate the 10 new jets, which will be configured with 12 first-class seats, 20 main-cabin “extra seats, and 44 main-cabin seats.

Combined with two previous orders for the E175, the new contract will mean American Airlines has a total of 74 E175 aircraft in service.

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