Boeing agreed to supply Malaysia Airlines with 16 airplanes, including eight 787 Dreamliners and eight 737 MAXs.

Boeing’s Malaysia Airlines Orders Top $1 Billion

Sept. 17, 2017
New aircraft and MRO service projected as key to carrier’s regional and intercontinental service

Boeing Commercial Airplanes will supply 16 new aircraft estimated to be worth more than $1 billion, following a memorandum of understanding with Malaysia Airlines. The deal calls for Boeing to supply eight 787-9 Dreamliners, converting eight of Malaysia Airlines' existing order for Boeing 737 MAX jets, and eight additional purchase rights for 737 MAX 8s.

In addition, Malaysia Air will enroll in Boeing's Global Fleet Care service, to maintain its current and future Boeing aircraft.

Reportedly, the first deliveries for the new aircraft will begin in May 2019.

"The 787 and the 737 MAX will provide Malaysia Airlines with unmatched fuel efficiency, economics, and a superior passenger experience as they continue to grow their business across Southeast Asia and beyond," stated Kevin McAllister, president and CEO.

Currently Malaysia Airlines operates over 50 Next-Generation 737s. It has firm orders in place for 25 more 737 MAXs, plus 10 of the new 737 MAX 10 aircraft.

The 787 Boeing’s primary wide-body aircraft, for intercontinental routes. The 737 MAX is the latest version of Boeing’s narrow-body platform, and the forthcoming 737 MAX 10 is predicted to be “the most profitable single-aisle airplane, offering the lowest seat costs ever.”

The Global Fleet Care is a customized service that provides engineering, materials, and maintenance programs to aircraft operators, drawing on fleet-data management resources, Boeing technologies, and proprietary analytics and processes.

“New wide-body aircraft are a key to making Malaysia Airlines a premium airline offering a 'five-star' product again,” commented Peter Bellew, managing director and CEO. "The extraordinary range of the 787-9 gives an ability to operate to any point in Europe and some USA destinations in the future from Kuala Lumpur.”

Bellew also noted that Boeing’s Global Fleet Care program will allow the OEM and the airline to implement “world-class MRO” for Malaysia's 737 MAX, 787, and 737NG fleet centered in Kuala Lumpur.

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