Texas-based Capacity Trucks supplies vehicles for ports, warehouses, and intermodal terminals, and the new Sabre line reportedly will set new standards for 'durability, efficiency, productivity and lifetime costs of ownership.'

Truck Builder Picks Volvo Penta for EPA’s Tier 4 Emissions Standard

Sept. 20, 2016
Compliant diesel engines use SCR technology to meet EPA’s target of 90% emissions reduction Selective catalytic reduction Cooled exhaust gas recirculation

Capacity Trucks selected Volvo Penta to supply EPA Tier 4 Final engines to power its Sabre series of terminal trucks. Texas-based Capacity supplies trucks for ports, warehouses, and intermodal terminals, and the Sabre line (developed with parent company REV Group) reportedly will set new standards for "durability, efficiency, productivity and lifetime costs of ownership."

Volvo Penta manufactures diesel and gasoline engines for marine and industrial power, 10 to 900 hp.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s emerging emission standards for off-road diesel engines cover excavators and construction equipment, tractors and other agricultural equipment, heavy forklifts, airport ground service equipment, and utility equipment such as generators, pumps, and compressors. The agency aims to reduce emissions by over 90% by integrating engine and fuel controls, including emission control technologies like the selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process, similar to what is expected for highway trucks and buses.

The EPA standard also sets standards for in-use diesel fuel, to decrease sulfur levels by more than 99%.

Volvo Penta’s Tier 4F diesel engines use a SCR process with cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to meet the EPA standards. The developer noted these engines do not require periodic regeneration, which reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

“We were looking to give our customers a choice in power sources,” stated Andy Cooper, director of engineering for Capacity Trucks. “After evaluating several players in the industry, we selected Volvo Penta as the engine that will provide our customers with the best ROI. The Volvo name is well-known in the industry, and their engines have a reputation for quality and reliability that meet our own rigorous standards.”

Volvo Penta offers engines from Tier 2 up to Tier 4 Final. A range of engines from 5- to 16-liters comply fully with the Tier 4 Final standard.

Earlier this year, a Volvo Penta 173-hp engine was installed and demonstrated in a Capacity truck, and will be deployed for a number of different warehouse/distribution centers. A 214-hp engine will be installed in a Capacity truck to be deployed at the Port of Long Beach in California.

The truck builder stated it expects to offer these engines as a standard option across its full line of Sabre trucks, starting early next year.

“Volvo Group pioneered implementation of SCR as part of the total solution for over-the-road trucks in this region back in 2010, and here at Volvo Penta we are in a position to leverage this proven technology that has been deployed in more than 270,000 Volvo Group trucks in North America,” stated Ron Huibers, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas.

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