Liquid methanol would solve the problem of flare-burning natural gas at the wellhead, and create a useful new fuel source.

Alternative-Energy Developers to Commercialize Gas-to-Liquid Process Technology

June 9, 2015
Turbine Truck Engines assigns project to advance process converting methane and oxygen gas into methanol liquid Problem-solving for oil-and-gas, power/utility sectors Sahoma will analyze, develop simulation models   TTE owns IP, data, potential patents

Bellevue, Wash.-based Turbine Truck Engines Inc. has an engineering services agreement with Sahoma Controlware LLC to start developing TTE's Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) process technology, for converting methane and oxygen gas into methanol liquid. The initial target for commercializing the GTL process will be the oil-and-gas and power/utility energy sectors.

The GTL technology developed by TTE offers potential for multiple applications and solutions to challenges in oil-and-gas and power/energy sectors, such as capturing rather than flare-burning natural gas produced at the wellhead, and converting it to liquid methanol, for resale or as a fuel source for energy production at that same wellhead."

TTE’s agreement with Sahoma covers design, modeling and simulation of the gas-to-liquid process technology, including the electromagnetic generator, chemical reactor and process gas-feed systems products.

Sahoma will develop individual product simulation models and analysis for flow, thermal, vibration, structural/stress and electrical while also developing simulation models for the entire GTL process to determine maximum operational effectiveness and efficiency.

"With over 120 years of combined expertise in design and system integration, Sahoma Controlware's staff of electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, process/piping, control system, scada/telemetry, and process safety engineers, designers and programmers are eminently qualified to work with TTE in the product development of its GTL technology,” according to TTE president Chris David.

Sahoma Controlware is an engineering design/systems integration firm that concentrates in the oil-and-gas, water/wastewater, and power utility industries. Along with expertise in installation, startup and commissioning, and field service support, Sahoma focuses on embedded systems, automation, compressor control systems, burner management systems, SIS/SIL Systems, and software engineering design.

TTE develops alternative fuel technologies for industrial and commercial vehicle engines. It describes itself as “a clean-air technology company dedicated to identifying, developing and commercializing important scientific innovations designed to enhance both environmental conservation and cost savings in how the world produces and consumes energy.”

No schedule for the development was announced.

TTE owns 100% of all intellectual property, data, designs, notes and potential patent filings generated during and as a result of the product development of the GTL technology.

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