The PurePower PW800 for large business jets in the 10,000- to 20,000-lb thrust class uses “sustainable, high-performance technologies,” according to Pratt & Whitney Canada.

Gulfstream Business Jet Completes First Test Flight

May 19, 2015
Pratt & Whitney’s PW800 series turbofan engine offers improved fuel burn, emissions reductions, noise, maintenance +2 hour test, 15,000 ft, 194 knots Four dedicated R&D labs

General Dynamics’ Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. subsidiary conducted the initial flight for its new Gulfstream G5000 business jet, calling it a success. The G500 is one of two “clean-sheet aircraft” (the other is the G600) Gulfstream is developing for the business jet market; the test flight lasted two hours and 16 minutes, climbed to 15,000 ft, and achieved a maximum air speed of 194 knots.

The jet builder detailed that it test flight crew exercised all primary flight control systems; evaluated handling during takeoff and landing; performed a simulated approach and go-around; and checked all systems using the Symmetry flight deck touchscreen controllers.

Gulfstream congratulated the four research labs it has dedicated to the G500 program, including:  a conceptual advanced simulation environment to develop fly-by-wire control laws and perform human factors evaluations; a systems integration bench to integrate the avionics and aircraft systems;  a flight deck integration test facility to evaluate major avionic and aircraft systems and software; and the inflight test facility (ITF) with an outfitted cabin to test the galley, the Gulfstream Cabin Management System, and other interior elements.

"The successful first flight of N500GA represents the tremendous investments we have made in the G500 program," according to Dan Nale, senior vice president, Programs, Engineering and Test, Gulfstream. "We have achieved this milestone thanks to Gulfstream's world-class research and development teams and our commitment to setting new standards for business aviation."

The new jet is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PurePower® PW814GA engine, and that supplier called the first flight of the G500 “a leap forward in the future of high-flying, fast, long-range business jet travel.”

The PurePower PW800 series turbofan engines for large business jets in the 10,000- to 20,000-lb thrust class offer “double-digit improvements” in fuel burn, emissions, noise and maintenance times over competing jet engine options.

"We are thrilled to shape the future of business aviation with cutting-edge design technologies, advanced manufacturing processes and new levels of customer service," stated John Saabas, president of P&WC.

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