The Mitsubishi regional jet had its commercial launch in mid October for All-Nippon Airways. The 70- 90-passenger aircraft is built by Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, a partnership of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (majority owner) and Toyota Motor Corporation.

Pratt & Whitney Scores Three With New Engine Launches

Oct. 28, 2014
The jet engine builder’s achievements impact business, regional, and transport jet sectors PW800 for Gulfstream PW1200G for KC-390 for Embraer  

Pratt & Whitney scored a trifecta of sorts in the past two weeks with the commercial launch of three new engines for thee different product classes: one for the business jet market, one for midsized and regional jets, and another for military transport/aerial refueling aircraft. Connecticut-based Pratt & Whitney is a United Technologies Corp. business that supplies turbofan engines to commercial and military aircraft OEMs.

The first achievement was Gulfstream Aerospace’s launch of its new G500 and G600 business jets, powered by the PurePower PW800 turbofan engines built by Pratt & Whitney Canada. The G500 and G600 are ultra-long-range aircraft for up to 18 passengers.

Pratt & Whitney’s PurePower engine family uses an advanced gear concept (“geared turbofan”) that allows the engine’s fan uses a gear system to separate the engine fan from the low-pressure compressor and turbine, allowing each of the modules to operate at their optimal speed. Pratt & Whitney claimed its PurePower engines are setting industry standards for performance, including reduced fuel consumption, noise and emissions compared to today's aircraft.

The PW800 engine provides 16,000 lb. of -thrust to match the high-performance standards of ultra-long-range business jets.

A few days later, in Nagoya, Japan, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. introduced its much anticipated Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) with Pratt & Whitney PurePower PW1200G engines. 

The third debut was for Embraer’s KC-390 twin-engine jet-powered, powered by the V2500 turbofan engine built by International Aero Engines, a partnership of Pratt & Whitney, Japan’s Aero Engine Corporation, and MTU Aero Engines.  The V2500 engine was modified for use on the military aircraft,, giving it 33,000 lb. of thrust.

"With three rollouts on three continents in the span of one week, Pratt & Whitney is redefining aviation on a global basis," stated Pratt & Whitney president Paul Adams. "These achievements are testament to our technological capabilities and commitment to exceeding our customers' expectations by delivering exceptional value."

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