The HondaJet design includes a patented Over-The-Wing Engine Mount configuration, a natural laminar flow wing, and composite fuselage. The light aircraft flies at a maximum cruise speed of 420 knots (483 mph) and a maximum altitude of 43,000 feet. It seats up to five passengers in a standard configuration, and has a flight range of 1,180 nautical miles (1,357 miles.)

First Flight Successful for Honda’s New Business Jet

July 1, 2014
Pending FAA certification, HondaJet on path toward commercial availability in 2015 N.C. manufacturing, maintenance center 100 orders booked

The first HondaJet business jet recently completed its initial flight, signaling progress toward Federal Aviation Authority certification and entry to commercial service next year, according Honda Aircraft. The flight was conducted at the airport in Greensboro, N.C., where Honda Aircraft has its world headquarters and a manufacturing plant and maintenance center.

Honda Motor Co. established Honda Aircraft Company LLC in 2006 to produce business jets according to its own design, though production was delayed several times. The business is a a wholly owned subsidiary of American Honda Motor Co. Inc.

The business has been in development for more than a decade though, with the prototype aircraft having made its first flight in 2003. Honda committed to a commercial-scale in 2006, and started the manufacturing program in Greensboro in 2012.

The first production aircraft completed an 84-minute flight, climbing to 15,500 feet and reaching a speed of 348 Knots True Airspeed (KTAS.)  The crew completed several checks during the flight, including low- and high-speed handling characteristics, avionics, and system functionality, the latter including landing gear, flaps, and speed brake operations. The landing was smooth, Honda Aircraft reported.

"With this first flight, the HondaJet program has entered the next exciting phase as we prepare for delivery," stated Honda Aircraft president and CEO Michimasa Fujino. "Today's celebration is the culmination of extensive engineering and production efforts, and this is an important achievement in bringing the world's most advanced light jet to market."

Honda noted that its jet manufacturing program is proceeding at a steady pace toward next year’s entry to service, after FAA certification has been gained.

Earlier this year the company was reported to have booked more than 100 orders the business jets. It is available in North America and Europe through a HondaJet dealer network.

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