In a strategy to modernize its flight, low-cost carrier WestJet delivered a letter of intent to purchase 65 737 MAX airplanes from Boeing, including 40 737 MAX 8s and 25 737 MAX 7s.

WestJet to Purchase 65 New Boeing Aircraft

Sept. 3, 2013
Production to start in 2015 40 737 MAX 8s, 25 737 MAX 7s

Boeing Commercial Airplanes has a new order for 65 aircraft from Canadian low-cost carrier WestJet Airlines. Production will start in 2015, and the first deliver of 737 MAX jets will take place in September 2017. At current list prices, Boeing estimated the value of the full order at $6.3 billion.

The 737 MAX will be a new-engine variant of the current Next-Generation 737, which Boeing describes as “the world's best-selling airplane.” The new engine will be the CFM International LEAP-1B, with fuel savings estimated at 13% versus previous 737 models.

The 737 jet has been a mainstay of commercial airlines for nearly 40 years, and continue to cover thousands of miles in commercial flights every day. Nearly 1,200 customer commitments have been recorded since the new jet was formally announced in 2011.

The 737 MAX is projected as a rival to the Airbus A320neo.

Southwest Airlines will be the launch customer when Boeing introduces the new model 737 MAX in 2017.

WestJet’s order consists of 40 737 MAX 8s and 25 737 MAX 7s. The final purchase will be concluded later this month.

The MAX 8 has a capacity of 162 to 175 passengers, and the MAX 7 has room for 126 to 140 passengers.

In addition to the new jets. WestJet revised an existing order for 15 Next-Generation 737 aircraft, rescheduling those as 737 MAX aircraft to be delivered between December 2014 and 2018. The addition of the new orders brings Boeing’s total deliveries to WestJet to 92.

WestJet was established in 1996, and today averages 425 flights per day to 87 destinations in North America, Central America, and the Carribbean. 

"Since the very beginning, the Boeing 737 helped play a role in WestJet's growth and success," said Brad McMullen, vice president of North America Sales, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "We are pleased to see the 737 MAX will continue the tradition of supporting WestJet's vision to be one of the most successful international airlines in world. The 737 MAX's efficiency, reliability and passenger amenities will be a successful combination with WestJet famous customer service."

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