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Boeing to Cut 2,000 White-Collar Positions

Feb. 7, 2023
The aircraft giant confirmed it will use outsourcing, layoffs, and retirements to end about 2,000 jobs in support functions, including finance and human resources roles.

Boeing Co. confirmed a published report that it will eliminate about 2,000 white-collar jobs in 2023, primarily through layoffs and retirements. Finance and human resources positions are the primary targets for downsizing, as the aircraft manufacturer will outsource about one third of the total number to an Indian business, Tata Consulting Services.

"Over time, some of our corporate functions have grown quite large, and with that growth tends to come bureaucracy or disparate systems that are inefficient," a Boeing senior director of communications Mike Friedman told the Seattle Times. "So we're streamlining."

Boeing concluded 2022 with 156,000 employees, and added 23,000 new workers last year. In January CEO Dave Calhoun told analysts that the group will hire 10,000 new workers worldwide in 2023, though it also acknowledged some non-production positions would be eliminated.

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