Boeing Next-Generation 737 final assembly line in Renton, Wash.

Aircraft Builders Set 2023 Hiring Targets

Jan. 29, 2023
Both Boeing and Airbus have confirmed plans to add thousands of new employees during the current year, expecting better supply-chain conditions and higher volumes of aircraft deliveries.

Both of the world’s major commercial-aircraft builders are planning to add thousands of new workers in 2023, according to statements by their top executives, as they eye higher rates of jet deliveries in the months ahead. For Boeing Corp., the forecast figure is 10,000 new workers worldwide in 2023, in engineering and manufacturing roles, while for its European rival Airbus SE the projected hiring total is 13,000. 

Both manufacturers missed their 2022 targets for aircraft deliveries, due to various issues though supply-chain disruptions were a common problem for both of them. Each of them also reported strong new orders for commercial aircraft in the past year, however. Both are working with hundreds of orders for new aircraft from carriers updating and/or expanding their fleets, especially for the narrow-body Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo series jets.

Notwithstanding the delivery problems in 2022, Boeing reportedly hired 23,000 new employees last year, with a net gain of 14,000 workers during the year. Boeing finished last year with 156,000 employees.

"Hiring is not a constraint anymore," according to Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun, speaking to analysts on a conference call. "People are able to hire the people they need. It's all about the training and ultimately getting them ready to do the sophisticated work that we demand."

The target of 13,000 is the same number for new employees reported by Airbus reported for 2022. In 2023, the new employees will include a variety of engineers (software and networks, fuel, materials) as well as data analysts, robotics technicians, cyber-security experts, and various others.

Most (9,000) of the new hires will be for positions in Europe, with rest (5,000) for positions in China and the U.S.

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