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AMT urges protection for suppliers in GM bankruptcy

As General Motors filed for bankruptcy and slipped into an uncertain era of government ownership, the Association for Manufacturing Technology pushed Congress and the White House to protect the manufacturing technology supplier base.

The AMT, which supports and promotes the U.S. machine tool industry, asked government leaders to expand the Auto Supplier Support Program to also include manufacturing technology suppliers.

“While it is unfortunate to see an industry icon such as GM fall into insolvency, the association also recognizes that bankruptcy can often lead to a company emerging leaner, more responsive and with a business plan that is more likely to lead to success than the status quo,” said Douglas K. Woods, AMT President. “If government fails to act, a number of those technology suppliers might not exist to further the mission of a revitalized American automotive industry.”

Woods went on to remind government leaders that GM’s challenges are not just limited to one company.

“GM has so far received $19.4 billion from the federal government to cover operations and losses,” said Woods. “The total could reach as much as $50 billion in government support. Some portion of the additional funds should be funneled toward its key manufacturing technology providers.”

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