Emuge-Franken USA
Emuge-Franken Cera-Cut end mill.

Ceramic End Mills for Heat-Resistant Superalloys

Aug. 3, 2023
Cera-Cut end mills feature a high-hardness cutting ceramic head brazed to a carbide shank, for optimal vibration dampening and longer tool life.

EMUGE-FRANKEN USA, manufacturers of high-performance taps, thread mills, end mills, drills, and other rotary tools, introduced Cera-Cut end mills featuring a high-hardness cutting ceramic head brazed to a carbide shank, for optimal vibration dampening and longer tool life compared to one-piece ceramic tools.

Featuring a high-feed duplex cutting edge geometry, Cera-Cut produces high metal-removal rates in challenging nickel-based alloys, resulting in machining parts 200-400% faster than conventional carbide end mills. Also, Cera-Cut tool life is up to five times higher than regular carbide end mills.

“With the growing use of heat-resistant super alloys, we are pleased to offer our customers new, long-lasting five-flute ceramic end mills for roughing and milling in these challenging applications,” according to Dan Doiron, milling products manager. “For example, Cera-Cut excels in the machining of complex aerospace parts.”

Emuge-Franken Cera-Cut end mills are designed for consistent cutting of high-temperature resistant materials, such as Inconel, Hastelloy, and Nimonic, as well as the machining of hardened tool steels.

Cera-Cut is suitable for making interrupted cuts, and offers a tight cutting diameter tolerance ranging from -0.0008 to -0.0016 in. (-20 to -40 microns), depending on the tool diameter.

Cera-Cut end mills can be used for roughing or pre-finishing, and can produce 2D or 3D contours. They are suitable for face milling, slot milling, helical milling, contour milling, and pocket milling.

Emuge-Franken Cera-Cut end mills are offered in different diameters from 0.24 to 0.79 inches (6 to 20 mm.) Corner radius, modular, and special designs also are available.

Learn more at www.emuge-corp.com

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