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Walter CBN grade inserts for hard machining.

CBN Inserts for Hard Machining

March 2, 2023
A combination of ultrapure CBN and a patent-pending TiAlN PVD HiPIMS coating with a ZrN top layer promote high tool life and wear detection for lightly interrupted to finish cuts,

WALTER USA introduced the WBH20C indexable, cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts for hard machining with a high level of wear resistance. This capability is possible due to a combination of ultrapure CBN and a new, patent-pending TiAlN (titanium-aluminum nitride) PVD HiPIMS (high-power impulse magnetron sputtering) coating with a ZrN (zirconium nitride) top layer.

The application range for the CBN-tipped inserts includes hard steels (ISO H) up to 65 HRC.

Excellent layer bonding and long tool life is possible due to the patent-pending method for pretreating the indexable insert. Exceptional wear detection is provided by the light-colored top coating.

The ISO indexable inserts are available with or without the MW wiper geometry. They are available in the basic shapes of CCGW2…, CCGW3…, CNGA4…, DCGW3…, DNGA4…, TCGW2…, VCGW2… and VBGW3….

In addition, the WBH20C WL25 indexable inserts are full-radius copy turning inserts with Walter Lock positive engagement. The WL positive engagement provides maximum stability and precision for reliable machining of contours. With pocket support right under the cutting edge, and exceptional ability to prevent vibrations; the WL positive engagement is substantially better than the conventional V-shaped or even full radius grooving inserts.

The WBH20C grade features a 65-percent CBN content, a ceramic binder, and bimodal grain size with a diameter of less than 39 millionths/159 millionths of an inch (1.0 µm/4.0 µm). Maximum purity of the CBN substrate is used.

Typically, hard turning is recommended to be a dry application, however, if the machining process constraints mandate the coolant to be “ON,” then the WBH20C is a very effective grade for wet-turning applications.

The CBN indexable inserts are suitable and recommended for use with coolant.

Examples of workpiece material recommendations include bearing steel, such as AISI 52100 (100Cr6), and heat treatable steels, such as AISI 1045 and AISI 4140. The use of CBN grade WBH20C indexable inserts replaces grinding in many application areas, such as when turning gears.

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