A broad range of styles, sizes, and edge preparations are available. These include the most popular styles of double-sided roughing and finishing inserts for predictable, cost-effective machining.

Higher Wear-Resistant, Longer-Tool-Life Inserts

Aug. 18, 2022
A new ceramic grade for various styles and edge preparations offers higher rates of productivity when machining hardened steels, high-temperature alloys, and cast irons.

KENNAMETAL has introduced a new ceramic turning grade, KYHK15B, designed to deliver increased productivity and lower cost per edge in hard turning operations. According to the developer, the new grade provides greater depth-of-cut capabilities than PcBN inserts when machining hardened steel, high- temperature alloys, and cast iron, as well as maximum tool life and wear resistance for the most demanding turning applications.

“KYHK15B provides excellent edge stability, high chipping resistance, and a PVD gold coating makes wear progression identification very easy. From smooth and varying depths of cut to heavy depths of cut, KYHK15B can be an economic alternative to PcBN inserts,” product manager Robert Keilmann said.

KYHK15B builds on an existing line of high-performance ceramic turning grades, providing manufacturers a productive solution for hard turning applications even in varying or heavy depths of cut.

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