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What Every Machinist Needs. . .Gold Plated Tools

What Every Machinist Needs. . .Gold Plated Tools

Bondhus Corporation ( has expanded its line of 14K-gold plated hex tools to include straight hex end tools in both short and long arm styles. The company says its GoldGuard finish provides corrosion protection and adds some flash to the tool box. GoldGuard plated tools are made with Bondhus's Protanium steel, which Bondhus says makes tools 20 percent stronger than competitors' tools.

Bondhus also has introduced a line of what they call "Smart" tools — screwdrivers with handles that can be used in either screwdriver or T-handle-type positions. The FELO line offers a wide range of interchangeable blades that are machined from European chrome/ molybdenum/vanadium steel and heat treated to high hardness levels.

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