Welder packs on the features

Welder packs on the features

The Precision TIG 185 welding machine features the manufacturer's Micro-Start technology for stable arc starting; the Auto-Balance control with manual override for taking the guesswork out of setting optimal cleaning and penetration levels; and standard p

The Precision TIG 185 welding machine features the manufacturer's Micro-Start technology for stable arc starting; the Auto-Balance control with manual override for taking the guesswork out of setting optimal cleaning and penetration levels; and standard pulse systems for controlling heat input. The 185's operating range is as low as 5 amp for thin materials and up to 185 amp for heavy TIG applications.

The Lincoln Electric Co.

Inverters handle power variations

XMT 350 CC/CV multiprocess inverters include Auto-Line primary-power-management technology, a 5 to 425-amp output, and 60% duty-cycle rating at 350 amp/34 V. They have low-end MIG arc for short-circuit welding thin material, especially stainless steel. The Auto-Line technology improves performance by maintaining a steady arc during primary power fluctuations, providing primary power draw of 17.8 amp, and accepting any type of primary power without physical-linking mechanisms.

Miller Electric Manufacturing Co.
Appleton, Wis.

Monitor cooling flow

CoolPoint vortex shedding meters transmit and monitor cooling flows in resistance welding and heat-treating process control. Repeatability is ±1% of actual flow. The meters have no moving parts to stick or coat, come in pipe sizes from 1/4 to 2 in., and provide flowrates from 0.04 to 200 gallons per minute.

Universal Flow Monitors Inc.
Hazel Park, Mich.

Power supply runs on 110 or 230 V

OrbiLogic, an option for Orbimat 160C orbital-welding power supplies, lets the units run on either 110 or 230 V without changing the supply. To change voltage, users connect an input plug and the 160C detects the voltage level and makes necessary adjustments. It not only makes hardware adjustments, but also adjusts the system software to suit the voltage. If a program is selected which is out of range for the voltage being used, the 160C displays a warning message and prevents the application.

Orbimatic GmbH
Peterborough, U.K.

Control plasmacutter current

Handy Plasma 380 portable Plasmarc cutters have 3/8-in. cutting capacities and are suitable for sheetmetal fabrication, automotive, and maintenance operations. They offer variable output, which tailors cutting current to material thickness and provides control on thin materials. Handy Plasma 380s also come with comfortable, lightweight, and maneuverable PT-31XL torches.

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products
Florence, S.C.

Machine showcases tilting rotary table

The C 30 U Dynamic uses the manufacturer's gantry design in combination with a 630-mm-diameter tilting rotary table to simultaneously machine alloys and nontraditional workpieces measuring up to 800 mm. Its C axis operates at 65 rpm while the trunniontype-A axis moves at up to 55 rpm (+30°/115°). An optional 280-mmdiameter rotary table mounts on the A-axis tilting trunnion for small parts.

Hermle Machine Co.
Franklin, Wis.

High-speed machining

Ideal for high-speed, high-precision milling, the Roku-Roku HC-658 VMC features speeds from 200 to 32,000 rpm. The machine has minimized distance between its X-axis guide surface and spindle center to provide cutter stability. New PC III functions use a 64-bit RISC processor and Al Nano HPCC to quickly process and execute program codes. The machine comes with 0.1-µ linear scales on each axis for maintaining accuracy.

Mitsubishi EDM/Laser
Wood Dale, Ill.

Wire EDM with digital generator

The CleanCut generator of the Robofil 240cc/440cc wire EDM improves machining speed and preserves surface integrity of the machined material. CleanCut is a digital generator that protects parts against electrolytic effects, and according to the manufacturer, it not only offers fast cutting speeds but also anti-electrolysis during rough and skim cutting. The maximum ignition voltage of the 240cc/440cc is now 25% higher and maximum amplitude is 1,200 amp, up from 400 amp.

Lincolnshire, Ill.

Flexible grinder control

OpenCNC Grinder packages consist of hardware, software and documentation capability. Programming features include 11 wheel-dressing routines, eight grinding sequences, advanced grinding-wheel-offset tools, and an on-line help system. Each part program may contain as many as 20 grinding sequences. For control retrofitting, the package comes with wiring diagrams, documentation, and prewritten PLC logic.

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Tool grinder puts on a show

GrindSmart 620XS 6-axis tool grinders easily grind complex cutters such as ballnose end mills with 0.0003-in. radius-contour accuracy. The machine accommodates diameters from 0.008 to 0.625 in.

Rollomatic Inc.
Mundelein, Ill.

New handwheels

Carr Lane's 14 new styles of handwheels come in polished aluminum, black thermoplastic, or black phenolic plastic. They include two and three-spoke, solid, disk, and fluted types. Each of the styles is available in a range of sizes and with, or without, handles.

Carr Lane Mfg. Co.
St. Louis

Real-time process monitoring

The 4000 MTO system provides real-time process visibility, which, the manufacturer reports, increases throughput 20% or more. The unit's sensors detect broken tools or misfeeds and shut down the machine to prevent damage.

ATAM Systems Inc.
New Albany, Ohio

Quick-working control

As the latest addition to the PACSystems family, the RX3i controller, features a high-speed, PCI-backed backplane and Pentium 300-MHz CPU for faster throughput without information bottlenecks. Highcapacity power supplies deployed in single or multiple configurations provide adequate power or redundancy in one rack. The RX3i also has quicker I/O with expanded diagnostics and interrupts as well as hot insertion. It supports various I/O and includes discrete, universal, and high-density analogs; high-speed counter; and motion.

GE Fanuc Automation Americas Inc.
Charlottesville, Va.

Laser marker

Proscript Zenith 20F 20-W, fiberpulsedlasers provide marking on metal coated materials, and plastics. They feature plug-and-play, 110-V, air-cooled operation controlled by the company's Merlin II LS visualdesign software. Zenith 20Fs are also backed by two-year warranties.

Circleville, Ohio

Inspect tiny openings

At less than 0.073 in. in diameter, the Hawkeye MicroSlim precision borescope is the slimmest model in the company's product line. It incorporates endoGRINS lens relays to deliver larger, brighter images as compared to the competitors'. The MicroSlim is ideal for visually inspecting microscopic openings in hydraulics and pneumatics, miniature valve manifolds, and fuel injectors.

Gradient Lens Corp.

Software for small shops

Available in LT and premier editions, Visual Jobshop is an integrated software system with specific features for small shops. It manages operations from engineering through shipping and works with accounting packages such as QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting.

Lilly Software Associates Inc.
Hampton, N.H.

New features for multispindle

The Acme-Gridley 15/8 in. HPN-8 multispindle automatic has three new features — a high precision carrier with an O.D.-carrier bearing that holds 0.0003 to 0.0004 in. on squareness of I.D. to face; a servo pick-up and backfinishing slide with back-finish threading; and a variable-speed main motor for spindle rpm with servomotor feed drive.

DeVlieg Bullard II Inc.
Twinsburg, Ohio

Profile system has inch dimensions

With inch-dimension capability, the iSeries of the IPS modular aluminum profile system includes 21 profiles, plus a range of fasteners and accessories. There are plenty of smooth-face extrusions. The IPS system is useful in constructing enclosures, machine building, industrial automation, material handling, and as machine safety guards.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Vertical bandsaws

A Tannewitz vertical bandsaw cuts tough alloys such as stainless, tool, and mild steel; brass; sheetmetal; aluminum; and plastics. There are seven models with 16, 20, 28, or 40-in. throat capacities and two speed ranges. Hydraulic tables are available for the 20, 48, and 40-in. saws.

Tannewitz Inc.
Jenison, Mich.

Machines extend coolant life

The CX 250AP machine bolts to machining centers to save shop floorspace while treating metalworking coolants. Able to work with 250-gallon sumps, the CX 250AP sends contaminated coolant to a treatment chamber filled with HaloFresh chlorinated bead bags. The chlorine molecules are bound to HaloFresh beads, which extend the prevention and elimination of odors. The system is safe for any water-miscible coolant and delivery method.

Vanson HaloSource
Redmond, Wash.

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