Vertical Machining Center For 5-Axis Milling

Vertical Machining Center For 5-Axis Milling

MC Machinery Systems, Inc ( has introduced the Roku-Roku RMX-5 high speed, high precision vertical machining center for milling on as many as 5 axes. The new machine features bridge construction and uses Meehanite GC for both its base and bridge castings. The RMX-5 uses oil mist angular contact ceramic bearing technology. The company says its long-life spindle design uses two 45-mm bearings at the bottom and two 35-mm bearings at the top of the motor. A surrounding jacket of oil stabilizes the spindle temperature. The oil is circulated through an oil temperature controller (chiller) that maintains a ±1.0°F operating window.

The machine is equipped with two pneumatic counter-balancers located on both sides of the spindle headstock to provide smooth and accurate movement during high velocity contouring and drilling. The use of counter balancers also reduces Z-axis motor and ballscrew loads, resulting in less heat generation.

The RMX-5 is made with a 200 to 32,000-rpm integral motor spindle equipped with HSK-E40 tooling and Fanuc 31i-A5 series control. The company says the control's Super PCIII function optimizes velocity and acceleration and deceleration through the use of a super high-speed processor and AI Contour Control II. The combination of high speed calculation, read-ahead control and nano smoothing minimizes geometric errors during high speed contouring of continuous small motion commands.

The RMX-5 also features Fanuc's Digital Intelligent Servo System with five-place decimal input and feedback.

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