Turning, Milling And Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining On One Machine

Turning, Milling And Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining On One Machine

Mazak's (www.mazakusa.com) new Variaxis 630-5X II is designed to do multi-surface, simultaneous 5-axis machining of complex parts from solids in a single step.

The integrated main milling spindle and motor feature a combination of 40 Hp power and 18,000 rpm maximum speed. Rapid-traverse rate is 2047 ipm in X, Y, and Z axes. Turning can be accomplished on the tilting rotary table at 0 degree or 90 degree positions with the new 1100 rpm, 25 Hp motor. The compact nose on the main spindle helps to maximize the machining envelope so that a wider variety of parts may be processed on the machine.

The Variaxis 630-5X II features a 21 in. chuck size with an optional 40-tool magazine. Tool-change time chip-to-chip is 3.6 seconds.

Mazak says that the high-speed processing of the large amounts of data that high-precision simultaneous five-axis machining requires is readily accomplished by the new Mazatrol Matrix CNC. Software and hardware advances in the Mazatrol Matrix include powerful internal computing speed from a new 64-bit twin-engine CPU that supports 16 million pulse encoders on each linear axis for submicron resolution. Feedrates for machining complex curved surfaces are two times faster than the previous CNC and new servo control technology minimizes vibration.

New software capabilities are designed to make the Mazatrol Matrix easier and safer to program and operate. A Voice Advisor verbally informs operators of machine alarms and switch settings in manual operation. Enhanced visual 3D simulations aid the operator in identifying and correcting any interference conditions and running part program simulations while the machine is operating.

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