Single Axis Spindle Motor Controller With Dual Process Architecture

Trust Automation ( has introduced a new high performance single axis spindle motor controller featuring dual processor architecture that provides optimum control of high speed, high accuracy motors from 0 to 30,000 rpm with position servo control. The dual processor splits the tasks between host communications and control algorithm processing to get the highest possible performance, and still have easy-to-use-and-configure software.

The TA620 Spindle Controller's 100 second servo update rate; high acceleration/deceleration; and trapezoidal, S-curve, velocity and custom move profiles enable the user to develop peak performance from high speed high accuracy DC brushless or AC brushless motors. The graphic interface, scripting language software and 3-character programming language access more than 110 available commands. Setup and diagnostics are made via a USB 2.0 connection, and multiple application parameters can be stored in an onboard EEPROM.

Additional features include dedicated I/Os for interlock and clamps; eight user I/Os; four high-speed position capture inputs; and integrated emergency stop circuitry.

Measuring 7.0 in. wide (117.8mm) by 6.75 in. high (171.5 mm) by 11.4 in. deep (289.6 mm), and weighing 20 lbs. (9.1 kg), the TA620 is designed for panel mounting.

Performance features include position range of ±2,147,483,648 counts per move (32 bit), velocity range of ±655,360,000 counts/sec., and acceleration range of ±655,360,000 counts/sec.

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