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Side-Loc ID exansion clamp

@ITXD:Mitee-Bite Products Inc. has introduced a new style clamp to its range of ID Xpansion clamps, the Side-Loc Xpansion Clamp, which is designed to hold parts on the bore when you cannot access the tapered screw.
The Side-Loc clamp is actuated by turning a socket-head cam on the side of the clamp, which in turn moves a tapered plunger to expand the clamp. The locking ring provides accurate preset diameter and rigidity for machining.
Like Mitee-Bite’s original ID Xpansion clamps, the Side-Loc clamp has the dead length feature
that is critical for close tolerance dimensions. The clamp comes in two styles -- one for milling operations and one for lathe applications. Presently one size is available for each model. The mill Side-Loc
clamp can be machined from 1.120 to .710 and the lathe version from 2.09 to .710. The lathe version has straight mounting shanks of 1".

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