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Quick-change tool spindle box

Davenport machine says its new Quick Change Tool Spindle Front Box will cut hours off of every setup that requires a tool spindle change. The Quick Change Box has a steel outer housing that is aligned and installed once. The quick change box has interchangeable bronze liners that are designed to be swapped in and out in less than a minute. The company says changes from a stationary spindle to a revolving spindle or to a broaching spindle can be done without disturbing spindle alignment.
Davenport says all of the worn boxes in a machine can be replaced quickly and easily without hours of maintenance. When used with the new 672-U1-SA and 672-U2-SA Universal Backlash Collars, operators can pull a complete spindle assembly out and replace it in minutes.
Features include: permanently installed and aligned steel outer housing; assembly complete with the two most common machine liners (01.125 in. and 01.375 in.); 01.656 in. ID liners also are available; and 100 percent interchangeability with genuine Davenport machine OEM parts.

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