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Nylox Deburring Brushes

Nylox Deburring Brushes

Weiler Corporation ( has introduced a new generation of Nylox composite metal-hub wheel brushes for deburring applications. Weiler says the new brushes offer a 50 percent higher density than traditional metal-hub brushes. The company says it has eliminated the need for internal metal components because it uses the latest polymer technology to retain brush filaments. This creates a more densely packed brush without the need to fold filaments in half. Weiler says the result is an increase in fatigue resistance and an increase in tool life.

The brushes are made with steel shells to provide increased accuracy and dimensional stability for consistent performance with minimal vibration during use. The brushes are produced with a 2-in. bore that allows for direct mounting on equipment without the need for adapters. Nylox technology allows for multi-section stacking with less variation in assembled brush face density than conventional composite hub brushes.

The brushes are available in either crimped or rectangular filament wheels, both made with silicon carbide. These wheels work through a filing action that removes burrs by abrasion, not impact. As a result, they need to be run slowly and with modest pressure for optimum results.

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