No Need For CMMS

No Need For CMMS

3D Shape Inspector software turns machine tools into CMMs.

Marposs Corp.'s ( demonstrated a precise-measuring tool that is designed to save time and money by allowing workpieces to be measured and inspected on the machine tools that manufacture them.

Marposs exhibited its 3D Shape Inspector software that was combined with with one of the company's Mida touch probes. The software and probe measured and inspected sculptured parts and geometrical features directly on a machine tool. In addition to checking the part shape and its dimensions, the 3D Shape Inspector program generated geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) reports for immediate reworking of out-of-tolerance measurements, a capability that means shops will no longer waste time transferring parts to a CMM for measuring then refixturing and re-setting them on a machine tool after inspection.

The software program works as a direct TCP/IP or DNC interface on a CNC-integrated PC or offline by creating probing programs on an external PC. The system features an intuitive graphical interface and various automated cycles that simplify and speed programming of calibration, part measuring and geometric body measuring cycles.

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