New Overhead-Mounted Rigid Column Manipulator

New Overhead-Mounted Rigid Column Manipulator

Unidex, Inc. ( says its new overhead-mounted Rigid Column Manipulator offers the stability of a floor-mounted unit with the range of an overhead system and load capacities greater than telescoping models. Suspended from a bridge-crane style overhead system, the Manipulator achieves fine vertical adjustment along a linear rail system offering X-, Y-and Z-axis positioning throughout a large work zone. The vertical movement can be powered electrically or pneumatically with shop air, and the manipulator can be configured for a variety of applications using arms, booms or custom-engineered end effectors. The Manipulator has a reach of up to 96 inches and a standard load capacity up to 750 lbs. Unidex says higher capacity loads can be handled by installing an optional power drive system in place of manually guided movement along the overhead bridge crane system. Controls are located on the column-mounted handles, or a push button-pendant can be provided to give greater flexibility to the operator.

Other options include: Stainless steel construction for sanitary or corrosive environments; a variety of lift strokes and load capacities; various arm lengths and designs; manual or powered end effectors; special controls or interlock features; and power drives or braking systems.

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