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New Mid-Range Production Band Saw

New Mid-Range Production Band Saw

DoALL Sawing Products ( has introduced the Model DC-310NC dual column metal cutting band saw with a wider 1 1/4-in. blade. The company says the saw has greater beam strength and a more powerful 5-hp band drive motor, and can saw rectangles to 12 in. by 12 in. and rounds to 12 in. diameter.

The saw features numeric controls with capacity to store 10 job programs that includes the number of cuts and cut lengths. The control panel is ergonomically placed and has an eight-line alphanumeric display with operator prompting messages for easy set up and feedback of machine operations.

Kerf compensation and multiple indexing are automatically controlled.

Other features for production sawing include a powered band brush, rapid travel vise index control, multiple indexing up to 10 times with a 16 in. stroke and separate motors for the hydraulic system and coolant pump. Coolant is applied through spring-loaded, zero clearance carbide faced saw guides.

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