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New Micro-Machining Tooling Solutions

Big Daishowa Seiki and Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. will introduce the Air Power Spindle, an air-driven tool that can be used as an additional spindle on normal machining centers to eliminate the need for an expensive, high-speed machine. The company says the ultra high-speed precision spindle will provide dramatic enhancements to surface finish and quality, extended tool life and reduced wear on high-speed spindles.
Big Daishowa Seiki says the air power spindle has dynamic run-out accuracy of less than 0.002 mm, at speeds to 80,000 rpm, thermal displacement in the Z-axis of less than 0.001 mm and produces less than 65 dB vibration and noise.
Also on display will be: the new Fullcut Mill FCR with both high radial and axial rake angles designed to achieve smooth and quiet endmilling in all materials; the new Kombi-Grip tool holding fixture for tools that do not include drive keys; and the new Alpha Clean system for cleaning heat shrink bores.

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