New Lubricant Nozzle For Near-Dry Sawing

New Lubricant Nozzle For Near-Dry Sawing

ITW Rocol North America has released the Accu-Lube nozzle for near-dry sawing applications. The U nozzles allow the lubricant to be applied from behind the blade on the three sides of the blade. The nozzles attach to a two-pump Accu-Lube applicator system to split the lubricant and apply a smooth coat directly to the cutting edge. The nozzles were designed to increase tool life, reduce fluid consumption and maximize sawing productivity. The Accu-Lube nozzle mixes lubricant and air at the nozzle, not at the applicator, to eliminate lag time and dry cutting. The flow lubricant is directed out three ports.

The Accu-Lube U nozzles are available in two sizes.

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