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New Lazer Marking Technology

New Lazer Marking Technology

The Electrox ( Raptor is a compact laser marking system that uses their new EF technology. The technology provides very short energy pulses - 25ns compared with 70ns to 200ns in other systems --which enables high peak powers up to 10kW with low pulse energies. This permits high contrast, low damage marking on metals and plastics.

Electrox says the highly controllable beam virtually eliminates surface damage around the mark enabling EF technology to be used for marking components where surface finish and retention of material integrity are important, especially in aerospace or automotive applications. Near perfect beam quality and exceptional energy stability over the entire operational range mean EF technology delivers very small spots— typically 70µ from a 254mm lens. Smaller spots are possible down to 25µ with high speed, self tuning Digital Signal Process galvos. This creates high energy intensities to give a substantially improved performance compared with more traditional systems. The high beam quality also facilitates large depths of focus so laser markers built on EF technology are better able to mark complex, curved or awkwardly shaped parts. There is no ramping in or out of the power and pulse frequencies range from 0.1kHz to 100kHz. The temporal pulse pattern permits bit maps, etc. to be marked easily and with high definition.

The Raptor has a very small laser head, incorporates an optical unit, is fully sealed to IP67 standards, is entirely air cooled and takes power from a standard single phase outlet. The Raptor ships as modular units for production line integration and can also be supplied with a safety workstation. The SU 19 in. rack electronics enclosure is about the size of a tower PC.

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