New Daewoo Turning Center Accepts Live Tooling

New Daewoo Turning Center Accepts Live Tooling

Doosan Infracore ( has released a new family of turning centers that accepts live tooling.

The Lynx 220LM is typical of the line. It is equipped with a 20 hp spindle motor, that generates speeds to 6,000 rpm, and a 6.5 in. chuck. It is suitable for parts as large as 9.8 in. (248.9 mm) diameter by 21.6 in. (548.6 mm) long, or bar stock to 2 in. (50.8 mm) diameter.

A 30 degree slant bed maintains a minimal and constant distance from tool tip to guideway to eliminate deflection during heavy cuts. The company said it made the bed from fine-grain Meehanite to dampen vibrations and help dissipate heat.

The headstock is mounted on the same plane as the tailstock, and the spindle is supported by double row cylindrical roller bearings with large contact surfaces.

The servo turret on the Lynx 220LM is non-lifting to prevent chips from reaching the coupling. Turret indexing is non-stop, bi-directional, with 0.12 sec, next station index time. An integral tool setter eliminates the need for skim cuts, and automatically enters tool offsets to the controller. Its four-position sensor allows tool setting in any direction.

Rrotating tools can be mounted at any of the turret's 12 stations for milling, drilling and rigid tapping. A dedicated 5 hp rotating tool motor engages the rotating tools in 0.5 sec. and generates up to 6,000 rpm. Holders are pre-lubed for 1,000 hours of operating. Polar coordinate interpolation is provided for easy C-axis contouring.

Automatic forced lubrication is provided to all guideways, ball screws and the tailstock quill. A low-level alarm prevents restarting until the oil reservoir is replenished. Coolant is stored in a 32 gallon tank, and delivered by centrifugal pump at 65 psi pressure.

Chip guarding, a part catcher and a waylube separation system that separates tramp oils are standard.

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