New Approach For 6-Axis Machining

New Approach For 6-Axis Machining

LiCON ( is introducing a universal, two-axis planetary table that permits part positioning in all possible orientations in its Liflex flexible transfer cells. The company says its Liflex cells provide the basic building block for modular flexible systems for lean manufacturing. The table concept provides a universal basis for complete, 5-axis machining in one clamping. The four or six-spindle Liflex CNC machining modules are designed for production of aluminum, cast iron and steel parts.

The company says its Liflex machining cells can be used for compound angle machining in 5 axes, resulting in shorter cycle times, higher accuracy and tighter tolerance machining.

The A and B axes of the planetary tables are mounted at 45 degrees to each other and can present any part feature to the multispindle Liflex cell for high-speed machining.

Parts may be mounted directly on the table or on a table-mounted fixture. The clamping system permits simple, fast changeover between workpieces as needed. With preset tooling and various part programs, changeover can be completed quickly, allowing processing of different parts with the same equipment.

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