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New 16C and 3J Rotary Indexing Systems

Hardinge, Inc. will introduce larger capacity 16C and 3J style indexers featuring its A2-5 spindle design. A variety of standard 16C or 3J spindle tooling will mount directly in or on the spindle without the use of an adapter so spindle tooling can now be shared between indexer and lathe. Specifications include: 6.0 in. (152.4 mm) centerline to base, 0.625 in. (15.87 mm) total drawbar travel suitable for 3-jaw power chucks, through-hole of 1.625 in. (41.27 mm) for 16C and 1.75 in. (44.45 mm) for 3J, and 4,560 lbs. (2,068 kg) of draw bar pull on the pneumatic collet closer. The 16C model will accept round stock up to 1.625 in. (41.27 mm), hex stock up to 1.41 in. (35.71 mm) and square stock up to 1.14 in. (28.97 mm) using standard collets. The 3J model will accept stock up to 1.75 in. (44.45 mm), 1.53 in. (38.89 mm) and 1.25 in. (31.75 mm) respectively.

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