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Moore Tool Offers "Plug And Play" 5-Axis Machining Startup

Moore Tool Company ( has a 5-axis machining center with integrated services that the company says provides "plug and play" ease in starting up a 5-axis machining operation.

The FSP 300X Plus contouring center uses a Weiss HSK40E spindle in a proprietary vibration-free mounting. Other features include improved positioning accuracy; bigger, faster tool changers; real-time vibration and heat monitoring; and modular part loading compatible with mainstream pallet systems.

Moore says their support service package amounts to complete process integration, providing a production-ready, high performance 5-axis machining unit, fully tooled, programmed, automated, equipped and tested — ready to run full speed in any production environment. The integration package encompasses full automation engineering with part and chip handling, turnkey tooling and programming, and backup contract machining.

The FSP 300X is a portal-type machining center with fixed-position horizontal spindle and Siemens 840D control. The machine brings the work to the spindle. The spindle remains fully retracted and supported. Direct drive rotary axes are integral to the machine.

Positioning accuracy of the linear axes is 3 microns (0.00012 in.), according to ISO 230-2 specifications. High-resolution absolute linear scales and encoders are standard.

The Weiss 13 kW spindle features hybrid ceramic bearings and built-in alarms to protect spindle and machine from excess cutting vibration and bearing heat.

Optional tool changers in 48 or 200 tool capacities are available. Both tool changers exchange tools in less than 5 seconds. The modular pallet loader supports Erowa, System 3R, Mecatool and other mainstream pallet packages, and is available with up to 26 positions as standard.

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