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Mitsubishi Introduces Waterjet Line

Mitsubishi Introduces Waterjet Line

Mitsubishi ( has developed a waterjet line is designed specifically to work with EDM technology.

MC Machinery Systems, Inc., a Mitsubishi-owned company that distributes the new waterjet line, says the new waterjet is designed to reduce production times for roughing and bulk material removal before finishing on EDM, and cites a Mitsubishi time study that showed a 28 percent time savings on materials roughed with its waterjet versus an EDM machine.

The Waterjet series is available in three different models: the Classica, which is available in two-axis or threeaxis models, the four-axis Suprema and the five-axis Evolution. The machines feature stainless steel tanks for easier maintenance and cleaner cutting conditions. A solid base construction and custom-made table for accepting tooling systems allows the waterjet and EDM to easily work together.

The waterjet line uses the Mitsubishi 700 Series Control, a dedicated nano control to achieve high-precision machining, on a 15-in. waterproof screen with improved graphics and NC design.

The Classica models feature 2D CAD-CAM software with nesting capabilities, and accuracy and repeatability of +/- 0.004 in.

The 4-axis Suprema's software features (ITC) Intelligent Tapering Control to correct tapering of the cut automatically. The CNC tilts the high-pressure water jet +/-2 degrees to allows for increased cutting speeds in a contour. The ITC system can achieve ±0.001 in. wall straightness in 1/2-in. thick steel.

The Exclusive 5-axis Evolution 3D System uses a self-positioning rotation point device on the material to automatically maintain a constant distance from the nozzle to the workpiece. This protects the nozzle through a working range from flat work to a contoured interpolation of ±69 in.

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