Kalamazoo Offers Two New Band Saws

Kalamazoo Offers Two New Band Saws

Kalamazoo Machine Tool (www.kmtsaw.com) is now offering the KS450 semi-automatic and H235 manual band saws.

The KS450 is designed for production sawing of solids and structural shapes up to 14 in. at 90 degrees in full cycle, semi-automatic operation. The saw offers double mitring—0 degrees to left and right— with a variable speed blade from 60 to 360 fpm. The saw frame is canted 5 degrees to reduce vibration and reduce slowdown of the sawing rate when cutting through the bottom of a structural section. The company says the KS450 uses massive components for solid, vibration-free production cutting, fully hydraulic operation and a free-standing operator console. When the operator pushes a single button, the saw frame automatically senses the material size, the vise clamps, the sawframe makes the cut at the preset rate, automatically returns to clear the workpiece and then the vise opens to prepare for the next cut.

The H235 is designed for light-duty cutting of tubes, pipes, light structural shapes and small solids up to 8 in. at 90 degrees. The saw has a variable speed blade from 65 to 320 fpm and can accurately miter up to 60 degrees to the right. The saw uses a single-phase power supply and transforms it to 230 volt, 3-phase to power a drive motor coupled directly to a worm gear drive. The company says the heavy-duty construction,

including carbide saw guides and rigid guide supports, ensures accurate, straight cuts. The saw has manual sawframe raise/lower, manual vise, hydraulic/solenoid powered down-feed and status indicators for power on, correct blade tension, broken blade and bandwheel cover open.

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