Innovations In Workholding And Automation

Innovations In Workholding And Automation

De-Sta-Co is offering new additions to its line of workholding and automation devices. The company's base slides, block thrusters, thruster slides, grippers and other components all incorporate the company's DirectConnect technology, which allows for quick and easy connectivity without the use of adaptor plates. This technology provides for virtually any motion, using up to four axes. Each order of a modular automation system comes with a complete electronic documentation package that includes an applications worksheet, 2D drawing, 3D CAD models, catalog datasheets and other information. De-Sta-Co says that its DPW series of wide-body parallel grippers' rugged construction is capable of withstanding more than 10 million cycles. The jaws are supported throughout the length of the gripper body, making the new series well suited for long finger applications.

The DPL series of parallel grippers was designed to be used in confined spaces. These models combine long strokes with high grip force that is enabled by two simultaneously double-acting pistons. The DPL series comes in six styles with strokes ranging from 1.57 in. to 5.51 in. and a grip force of 161 lb to 403 lb at 100 psi.

De-Sta-Co's DTH series of 3-jaw shielded grippers are designed for a wide range of machining applications. Built to perform in harsh manufacturing environments, these grippers feature a shielded design, multiple strokes per size, and corrosion-resistant hardware. Additionally, the compact design allows for use of the DTH series in confined application spaces.

De-Sta-Co has also released the new 2000 series of horizontal hold down clamps. The 2000 series produces 60 percent more holding capacity than previous models and possesses a new ergonomic design that minimizes the risk of worker injury. Furthermore, by integrating a low pivot point, the 2000 series provides a perpendicular clamping force, avoiding dragging the point of contact over the part or material being clamped.

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