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Horizontal Machining Centers

Cross Huller Ex-Cell-O Lamb ( has introduced several new horizontal machining centers.

The new XHC 241 high-speed, linear motor equipped horizontal machining center offers linear axis accelerations of 13, 11, and 14 m/sec2 (42.6509, 36.0892 and 45.9316 ft./sec2) for the X, Y, and Z-axes respectively and feedrates up to 120 m/min (393.6999 ft./min). Typical applications include automotive powertrain components such as transmission, clutch and converter housings, valve bodies, pump housings, timing cases, cylinder blocks, and cylinder heads. The company says the machine is suitable for dry or minimum quantity lubrication machining applications that use advanced, through-the-spindle oil mist systems, and for conventional wet machining operations. Also, the company says the machine can be used to machine aluminum or steel. It is equipped with a standard motorized spindle that delivers 53 kW (71 hp) at speeds up to 16,000 rpm. Axis travels are: X - 630 mm (24.8031 in.), Y - 630 mm (24.8031 in.), and Z - 710 mm (27.9527 in.). The machine also is equipped with a B-axis, NC rotary turntable with a dedicated angular position measuring system and hydraulic clamping as standard. Rapid B-axis rotation is 100 rpm. Other standard features include 500 mm by 500 mm (19.6850 in. by 19.6850 in.) pallet changer with a pallet change time of 7 seconds, and a choice of a 40-tool disc-type or racktype magazine for up to 120 tools using HSK-A63 adapters. The XHC 241 machining center is offered with a choice of Indramat or Siemens controls.

The XS 211 horizontal machining center is based on a "lean" modular design concept built on a "production line" using pre-assembled and tested modules selected to meet specific customer requirements. The approach yields cost savings as compared with machines built using traditional methods, and also reduces delivery times. Various standard configurations of the basic XS 211 design are suitable for machining aluminum, steel, and cast iron workpieces in medium and high-volume applications. Standard motorized spindles are rated at 30 kW (40.2 hp) for 100 percent duty, and 37 kW (49.6 hp) for a 40-percent duty cycle. An optional 30/45 kW (40.2/60.3 hp) spindle is also offered. Both have maximum speed ratings of 16,000 rpm. Other standard features include roller bearing guideways on all linear axes, three-point mounting, a column-mounted X-Y cross slide, and a choice of Siemens or Fanuc controls. Axis travels are: X - 630 mm (24.8031 in.), Y - 630 mm (24.8031 in.), and Z - 710 mm (27.9527 in.)with 60 m/min (196.8499 ft./min) rapid traverse, and 6 m/sec2 (a 19.6849 ft./sec2) acceleration on all linear axes. Several automation interfaces are available, making it easy to integrate the machine into both new and existing cells and manufacturing systems. Standard automation options include roller type, floor-based loading systems, gantry loaders, and roller-mounted robotic loaders.

Cross Huller Hille's latest horizontal-machining center model is designed to act as a stand-alone horizontal machining center and a flexible manufacturing cell. Called the nbh 5+, the machine features an extended, 890-mm (35.0393 in.) by 900-mm (35.4330 in.) by 900-mm (35.4330709 in.) (X,Y,Z-axis), working range and an 800-kg (2384.5236 pound), pallet load capability. The company says the nbh 5+ is optimized for first and second-tier automotive part suppliers who have long runs of components with stable specifications. It features a standard 18-kW (24 hp), 15,000-rpm motorized spindle, a B-axis rotary table, and a choice of tools using HSK-A63 or HSK-100 adapters. Standard features include a 500-mm by 500-mm pallet changer with a pallet change time of 11 seconds, and a choice of a 40-tool (24-tool with HSK-100) disc-type or 134-tool (HSK-100 only) rack-type magazine. Chip-to-chip toolchange time is 4.7 seconds for HSK-A63 tools, and 5.0 seconds for HSK-100 tools. The nbh 5+ offers a choice of multipallet magazine systems, linear pallet storage systems or stacker crane storage systems to facilitate automated production operations. A variety of automation interfaces is available to permit nbh 5+s to be integrated into various machines and manufacturing technologies to produce automated production systems.

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