High Speed Confocal 3D Measurement System

High Speed Confocal 3D Measurement System

Metrology Resource Company (www.metrologyresource.com) has a new confocal displacement sensor with 64 channels that uses a vertically oscillating tuning fork for highly accurate 3D surface scanning within microns at high speed. The patented Siemens SISCAN Model MC64 sensor combines a resolution that is higher than laser triangulation at a speed that is higher than an interferometer. The sensor with standard optics scans the surface at a speed of 80 mm/sec. and has a lateral resolution of 10 micron. Vertical resolution is 0.5 microns.

With a capacity of taking 512,000 measurements per second, the company says the SISCAN M64 is the world's fastest confocal microscopic 3D measurement system, that defect detection is flawless and that the dpm rates are very small. The company says the sensor is ideal for high throughput production lines, process control applications, high precision quality control applications in diverse production and laboratory environments.

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